The dad bod made beer guts admired across the world– unfortunately, stretch marks and cellulite haven’t received the same praise. The Mum Bod Squad aims to create awareness on body dissatisfaction among mothers and strives to empower women to love their wobbly bits & saggy (you can fill in the blank).

According to BeyondBlue, one in seven women suffer from postnatal depression (also known as PND) in Australia, and body dissatisfaction can be a cause related to this disorder. Social media, particularly Instagram, has played a pivotal role in portraying high expectations of post baby bodies, sometimes making mothers feel inadequate and lacking body confidence.

#TheMumBodSquad is a community that wants to educate and inspire women to feel good about their body and spark conversations not silence them because mum isn’t the word when it comes to body dissatisfaction.

We put the ab in flab, the real yummy mummies, we are #TheMumBodSquad.


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