Are our children the answer to positive body image?

After my interview with Keely, it got me thinking about how important it is being a role model for your children. Because not only is The Mum Bod Squad a community that aims to inspire mothers to love their bodies, we also hope to entrench these values into our children as well. And as Keely [...]

From Sags To Riches- How One Mummy Is Leading The Way For Positive Body Image

A before and after of Keely's amazing body journey! There’s only so much research and celebrity name dropping that can go into a blog. That’s why I’ve decided to change it up this week, and by change, I mean interviewing a beautiful member of The Mum Bod Squad– Keely. Mother of two beautiful girls and one [...]

When will mothers measure up?

Look at the bags under my eyes. Why do I have so much cellulite? How have I managed to put this much weight on? These stretch marks are hideous! For most mothers and women across Australia, these are the common phrases when confronted by a mirror. And whilst it’s normal to critique yourself every once [...]

We’ll Never Be Royals

It’s been a good news week. Beyoncé celebrated her 36th Birthday on the 4th of September and Kate and Will announced they were adding another royal to the mix! That’s right, another baby is on the way and we couldn’t be more excited for the couple! Of course, the usual royal hysteria has kicked in [...]

Searching for “incredible”

                This week I wanted to do a road test. My aim? To find out what words appeared in news articles when I searched the term ‘Post baby body’ into google. The first article that popped up read, “Bikini-clad Irina Shayk shows off her incredible post baby body” (Randell, [...]

Unfiltered Realities

  Does the name Tammy Hembrow ring a bell? She’s the woman behind seven million Instagram followers, who has made a name for herself by posting fitness, health and style snaps on the popular photo-sharing app. With thousands of “Insta-famous” icons, it’s hard to understand why this Gold Coast woman turned celebrity has had such [...]